Welcome to Hank Hinckley Boat Builders LLC.

We have undergone more than a few changes over the last couple of years.

One change is that we moved over 1000 miles south to Wilmington, North Carolina. Cold Maine winters and a short boating season have worn a bit thin on the old body. You will now find us located at 3610 River Road in Wilmington. We are right next to the Wilmington Marine Center so we enjoy access to the Cape Fear River through their facilities.

Another change is that we are not currently building boats but concentrating on restoration of older classic yachts and helping with various projects from our new shop. We still have access to the molds for our 26 and dinghies if a client is interested in one of these but they are not currently being built.

Hank and Sarah spent a good deal of the past two years working on the upgrading of OC52 number 1. She has been repowered, had a bow thruster added, been stripped and revarnished on the exterior and many other upgrades. Most of the work has been done by the service yard located at the marina but we have been involved in supervision and varnish work. We will add photos of this project to the site shortly.

OC5201 - Checking out the rig and new equipment on the Cape Fear River.
OC5201 – Checking out the rig and new equipment on the Cape Fear River. Photo courtesy of Charles at Wilmington Marine Center.

In the next few weeks, we look forward to the arrival of a Hinckley Bermuda 40 built in 1977/1978. It will go through a significant restoration over the winter in our shop. This is a boat that was built under Hank’s supervision before he left the Hinckley Company. It should be a fun project with a lot of owner hands on assistance.

 A few other things to be found on this site:

  • Hinckley Pilot 35 rebuild project.
  • Whitecap's interior.
  • Great Harbor 26 Daysailer experimental interior.
  • Talaria 40 with IPS upgrade and a lot of refinishing.
  • Joy is a joy sailing on the Chesapeake after an easy trailer ride from Maine.
  • The Great Harbor 26 is available with a lifting keel to make trailering simple.