OC 42 Aft cockpit rendering The Ocean Cruising 42 was a development of the OC 40. In the early 80's we felt that it would be helpful to have a boat with higher sheer and more volume aft than was available in the OC40. The OC42 is the result. The OC42 is about six or seven inches higher forward and four inches aft. The hull has been redesigned from station eight aft. Interestingly, both the OC40 and OC42 were available as either centerboard or keel boats. All the OC40s were built as centerboarders and all the OC42s were built with fixed keels.

Mid Cockpit 42 sail plan rendering Although the boat was designed as an aft cockpit boat, the first two were built with a mid-cockpit deck. This created an incredible amount of interior space. The slightly higher center of gravity of the boat did not seem to be a problem when the gain in living area was so improved. There are pictures of the first two boats below.

The layout used in the mid cockpit boat is shown below.

OC42 interior rendering

OC42 #1 sailing in San Francisco Bay
OC 42 #1 sailing in San Francisco Bay. Recently sold, she is headed for some long range cruising.

OC42 #2 at rest
OC 42 #2 at rest. She is currently preparing for cruising on the east coast.
Starting with the third boat, the cockpit was aft. Interior layouts for the aft cockpit boats varied a great deal. Aft cabin with mid head layout was used in several and one had a conventional six berth layout as was used in the OC 40.