We've Moved!

As of early last year (2015) we started moving our operation to North Carolina. Our primary project was overseeing the work on the first OC52 at a yard in Wilmington. During that time we decided to drop anchor in Wilmington and concentrate on restoration. More recently, we have been given the opportunity to take over the service operation at Wilmington Marine Center. With luck, as of about 12/1/2016 Wilmington Marine Service will start running and Hank will be there as the manager of the service operation. This means that Hank will stop building new boats but conceivably others will be providing access to the GH10, 12+ and 26. We still have the molds in Maine and there is a deep well of skill there to build the boats. In Wilmington, Hank hopes to build a top notch service yard. We are looking for key personnel and of course work. At present, both look to be attainable in the relatively near future.

In keeping with these changes we will be adapting the web site and we hope you enjoy the information we provide.

Lastly, please give us your input on how we can improve the site. These things are and should be constantly evolving.

Photos of boats and projects

We are currently posting most of our photos of various projects, current, past and future on the Photobucket website. If you are interested in following some of these please click on the link below to take you to that site. Use the link below to see photos of projects.

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