This section of our site contains information on the boats of Ocean Cruising Yachts. We believe that owners and friends of OC's will find the information contained here of interest.

The data in this section is as accurate as we can recall. Most of the original drawings and photos for the OC boats have been lost. Therefore, a significant portion of the material for this section has been provided by OC owners. We thank them for their contributions and hope that all will enjoy.

The OC Plant was located in Bar Harbor, Maine on Route 102. The building is now a part of the Town Hill Ellsworth Builders Supply.
At the time there was about 4000 sf in the main building bay, a wing for storage (to the left) and a separate building that we used as the office (to the right). Later we added another wing on the main building bay and connected the main building and office. We purchased the building in the summer or fall of 1978 and started the construction of OC40 #1 shortly thereafter.

Pictured above is OC40 #3, at the time she was the original DILIGENT, headed to windward out the Eastern Way off Southwest Harbor in 1981. This photo was taken by Edward Hinckley.

We are in the process of loading a number of photos recently found of the 40 hull and deck plugs and the shop, so keep an eye out for a lot more photos.

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